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There are multiple ways for businesses to innovate. 

According to a study carried out by Le Rameau, partnerships with associations bring innovations in particular with regard to manufacturing methods, human resources management, the consideration of new management methods and finally the very communication of the values conveyed. by the company.

Develop your business model. The design, production and distribution of the products and services offered by a company can be impacted by the specificities of certain populations or certain territories. Thus, in partnership with associations, companies can establish systems more suited to the beneficiaries of services with different approaches before, during and after the consumption of the service.

These innovations in the company's business model make it possible to better serve users, and all the players are winners!


Meaningful actions 

We link our field activity to training and awareness actions for health actors on the responsibility of health companies, social innovation methods and patient expertise.

We intervene on the following subjects: Business for Good in Health, Design Thinking in Health, Patient approach, Altruism within health companies, Social marketing, Health literacy, Drug companies seen by a patient, Patient centric to the patient partnership.

What will be the next topic?



Lucky Link is in continuous contact with associations in the health sector which can be called upon as experts depending on the needs of the projects and the requests of the stakeholders.

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